Google Ads Keyword Research 2020

Discover how to do keyword research when you create your next Google Ads campaign. When you are creating search campaigns, you want to target relevant keywords for the products and services that your business offers. I give you a step-by-step process below that will be helpful if you are using the Google Keyword Planner. Ultimately, you want to start building ad groups that are grouped together by keyword theme.


Google Ads Ad Extensions Explained

Check out our video below where we cover the different ad extensions available for Google Ads search campaigns. We go over different ad extensions including Sitelink extensions, Callout extensions, Structured Snipper extensions, Call extensions, Lead Form extensions, Location extensions, Affiliate Location extensions, Price extensions, App extensions, and Promotion extensions.


Step-By-Step Gmail Ads 2020 Tutorial

Learn how to create Gmail Ads campaigns with our video below. When you create Gmail advertisements, you have the ability to reach people in the Gmail inbox. It is one of the display advertising options available through the Google Display Network. You can use different targeting options including Remarketing, In-Market Audiences, Custom Intent Audiences, Similar Audiences, Affinity Audiences, and more.

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