Dynamic Search Ads Tutorial for 2019

Dynamic search ads can be a challenge in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising when you get started. The videos, images, and descriptions below should help you understand DSA campaigns from top to bottom.

Advertisers who have large websites are a perfect fit for Dynamic Search Ads. You can use a custom Page Feed or your Page URLs to target your advertisements. Best of all, you don't have to worry about setting up keyword targeting in your Ad Groups or creating Advertisements.

Dynamic Search Ads

You can learn about Dynamic Search Ads campaigns by watching our videos below. We have a complete tutorial to explain everything in detail for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. In addition, we have a tutorial specific for Google Ads below.

Dynamic Search Ads Video Tutorial

Google Ads Video Tutorial

What are Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns?

Dynamic search ads campaigns utilize your website page feed, website categories, and website URLs to target your advertisements and create ads. Rather than setting up standard search campaigns, you can use your website for targeting. If you have 1,000 pages you want to advertise, it is much easier to use Dynamic Search Ads as opposed to standard search campaigns.

Can I Run Dynamic Search Ads Ad Groups in Keyword Search Campaigns?

Yes, you can run standard Ad Groups and dynamic Ad Groups in the same search campaign. It can allow you to expand your targeting with your existing pages and target the top keywords for your business at the same time.

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